Etihad onAir Internet service (inflight Internet)

Posted on December 1, 2014 by in Etihad Reviews & Etihad Guest

On one of my recent Etihad flights, I was ready to open up my laptop and use the inflight internet – until I saw the above pricing!

$15 for 10MB – holy cow! That's just for downloading your emails (and not really opening any attachments) for $15. When I work for an hour, I usually consume about 200MB. That would prove ruinous with the Etihad OnAir inflight Internet.

There is no price difference if you fly Business or Economy.

The larger package of $35 for 35 MB is equally ridiculous. Satellite internet can be expensive but United's excellent inflight satellite-based internet (like on my flights from Mexico in the summer) shows that it does not need to be so. The package I bought with the United inflight internet was for the whole flight and was just $9.95.

OK, so I watched a movie on my laptop. Not bad either 🙂

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