Spirit Airlines reviews – Has anything changed since the Hate Thousand Miles campaign?

Posted on November 24, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Spirit Airlines reviews

If you've ever read any Spirit Airlines reviews, you must have been put off using them, if not a little worried about choosing to fly with them. But are the multitude of bad reviews fair?

We already know that Spirit admits to messing up in the past; in July, we wrote about them giving away thousands of miles to every person who left airline feedback, whether good or bad.

In their comic State of the Hate Report video, Spirit stated that more than 28,000 people visited the website to hate on airlines (and not just Spirit) during their Hate Thousand Miles campaign. Here are some of the results of the campaign:

– 5% hate airline food
– 10% hate airline delays
– 20% hate airline seats
– 19% hate airline fees

The amusing video even shows how customers used bad language to describe various airlines in their feedback, with United reportedly in first place. Spirit customers weren't far behind though, with 52% of customers describing them with 'suck', 9% with 'crap' and even 3% using the f-bomb.

With Spirit using this campaign to admit to customers that they are flawed and want to improve, it seems that the low-cost no-frills carrier is on our side.

But has anything changed since the Hate Thousand Miles campaign?

Spirit Airlines reviews don't seem to have changed any recently, with more than 2,200 people rating the airline an average of 1.5 out of 5 on Skytrax.

Spirit claim that since the campaign they have been working on 'frill control', where the customer only pays for what they want. Where we see fees, Spirit Airlines sees options. If you want to take more baggage, you have the option to pay for it. If you want more legroom, you have the option to pay for the Big Front Seat. If you want snacks on board – well, you get the picture.

To fly Spirit or not to fly Spirit?

Bad Spirit Airlines reviews generally seem to be about the baggage fees, legroom and delays. If you want free baggage, plenty of legroom and a better on-time record, it's probably best not to fly with Spirit. But if you just want cheap flights where you pay for what you choose, then Spirit really can be an option. Not necessarily a good option… but it's an option 🙂

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