Spirit Airlines baggage fees and the Spirit Airlines carry on fee fiasco

Posted on November 7, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Baggage Fees – an amazing money-spinner for airlines

The Department of Transportation announced that US airlines brought in an incredible $3.35 billion in baggage fees just last year.

As we reported on MightyTravels recently, Spirit Airlines is one of the world's most profitable airlines by operating margin, managing to keep 18 cents for every dollar of revenue for the year ending June 2014.

One of the main reasons Spirit Airlines is so profitable is because everything costs extra when you buy a low cost fare with them – so of course baggage costs extra and you even have to pay for your Spirit Airlines carry on (although you are allowed a personal item for free – something that fits in a 16"x14"x12" space).

What are the Spirit Airlines baggage fees?

The Spirit Airlines baggage fees vary, depending on where and when you book them. The cheapest way is to pay for your bags during online booking, before online check-in. If you're not part of the Spirit Airlines $9 fare club, then it's $35 each way for a carry on and $30 each way for your first checked bag. I've never heard of a carry on costing more than a checked bag before now…

Plus it totals up to $130 total return for one carry on and one checked bag for a domestic flight – outrageous!

Holiday Spirit cancelled this year?

This year, the holiday 'spirit' doesn't seem to apply to the airline. The Spirit Airlines baggage fees for flights between December 8th 2014 and January 5th 2015 has been temporarily increased by $2 per bag – including your Spirit Airlines carry on!

Spirit Airlines carry on and checked baggage fees may only ever be reduced if consumers band together to fight the ever-increasing cost. While some refuse to fly Spirit, I prefer to outsmart them for now by only ever traveling light, with a personal item.

In recent years, Spirit frequent flyer Brent Hopkins designed a bag that fits perfectly in the 16"x14"x12" space under the seat, and retailed it for $70. However, the online store is closed and Twitter and Facebook updates stopped two years ago. Where can one buy a Spirit-defying bag now?

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