How to Hotwire a Car Rental, Hotel or Flight

Posted on November 25, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Um, how to hotwire a car?

I'm not really going to tell you about how to hotwire a car! This post is actually about Hotwire, the travel site! But the title intrigued you a little, didn't it?

So you're not going to tell us anything about how to hotwire a car?

Of course not! We're into travel deals here, not car-jacking πŸ™‚

So, what's Hotwire?

Hotwire is a San-Francisco-based discount travel website that started up in 2000 and is one of Expedia's operating companies. It offers significant discounts on flights, hotel reservations, vacation packages and cruises – and you can also Hotwire a car… rental πŸ˜‰ – for last-minute, local and weekend destinations around the world.

How does Hotwire manage to offer significant discounts?

Hotwire negotiates low prices with respected travel brands and offers them to consumers at discounted rates. Hotwire helps businesses to fill hotel rooms, airline seats and rental cars that may otherwise go unsold, at the same time as offering those savings to bargain-conscious travelers.

Hotwire's travel tools

The thing I like about Hotwire is that they are pretty good with free travel tools that help the consumer. On their site, you can find:

TripStarter– This tool uses historical hotel and airfare price data to help consumers find the best time of year to travel to particular destinations. It also offers weather reports and information about local attractions.
Trip Watcher – A user can flag a particular trip and Hotwire watches the price.
Travel Value Index – Hotwire uses extensive data to help find top value destinations for travelers.
Go Local Search – Use this search to find travel ideas within 250 miles of your home, so you can find things to do without venturing too far.
Hotwire Hotel Rate Report – This monthly report shows the top ten cities with the largest hotel room price reductions, to help customers maximize their dollars.

Does Hotwire have any current offers?

Use the promotional code THANKS10 by November 30th to get $10 off a $100+ hotel booking.

Or if you download the Hotwire mobile app and use the promo code HOTEL25 you get $25 off your first $100+ booking! Valid until June 30th 2015.

Great. But you're definitely not going to tell us anything about how to hotwire a car?

Don't be silly πŸ˜‰

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