Facts about Japan – Prepare to be amazed!

Posted on November 18, 2014 by in TOP Travel Destinations

I've always adored Japan. From the gorgeous cherry blossom trees to the stunning temples, the delicious sushi bars to the intoxicating sake, the country holds a neat little place in my heart. But Japan isn't just about beauty and culture. It's full of weird, bizarre and amazing stuff, too.

Read on to be amazed with these facts about Japan!

Some fun facts about Japan

Fluffy Japan

As an animal lover, I went a little weak at the knees when I heard about Cat Island and Rabbit Island. Throw in the fact that you can grab a coffee and play with kittens in Japan, and I'm pretty much a goner.

Cuddly Japan

Japan's first cuddle cafe, Soineya, opened in Tokyo two years ago. As well as cuddling, patrons can purchase extras such as 'staring at each other for a minute', which is ¥1,000…

Sleepy Japan

I love the word 'inemuri' and believe employers the world over should introduce this practice onto the workplace. 'Sleeping while present' is a perfectly acceptable, encouraged even, way of showing your employer that you work so hard that you need a nap. On the job. While remaining upright. Crazy, but true.

Some weird facts about Japan

Spooky Japan

When Torsten visited Japan earlier this year, he took a trip to Hashima Island, also known as Ghost Island. Once the most densely-populated place on earth, this eerie, abandoned island is rumored to be haunted.

Sleazy Japan

Love hotels in Japan are apparently utilized by 2% of Japan's population each and every day.

I needed a cheap place to stay in Osaka once and barely slept a wink when I realized why the bed was heart-shaped and the ceiling was a huge mirror. Since then, I learned to earn points and miles to find cheap but non-sleazy places to stay!

Harmonious Japan

Only in Japan can a fake pop star be a huge hit. Fans were tricked into adoring CGI-made Aimi Eguchi when she joined real group AKB48, but many stayed loyal after finding out the truth. Aimi's no longer in the group. Seriously, only in Japan.

No matter how weird you get, Japan, I'll always love you 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading a few facts about Japan and learned something new!

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