Bucket List Ideas for travelers

Posted on November 5, 2014 by in TOP Travel Destinations

What are bucket list ideas?

A bucket list is stuff you want to accomplish before you die – before you 'kick the bucket'. You may remember the film 'The Bucket List' with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, who head out onto the road to fulfill their last wishes.

When it comes to travel, the world is absolutely full of places to see and things to do; in fact, there's too much to choose from, so bucket list ideas are a good way to filter what you really want to do and see.

What are my travel bucket list ideas?

I've been lucky enough to fulfill some of my travel bucket list ideas already.

In Australia, I snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef and explored tropical rain forests.

Papua New Guinea gave me the chance to try windsurfing, sailing and island BBQs.

I scuba dived while Greek island-hopping, sulked outside the Leaning Tower of Pisa when I realized it was closed for building work and got completely lost while investigating Seoul alone.

When I visited the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles, I fulfilled a dream I'd had since a teenager after watching James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause.

Even though I know how lucky I am to have traveled to some incredible places and taken part in amazing experiences, it has given me a taste for more, so my future bucket list ideas include wanting to:

– Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. Torsten wrote a great guide to this last year.

– See The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) from Finnish Lapland.

– Visit the Angkor Wat temples in Cambodia. Torsten did this last year, too!

– Swim with the turtles in The Galapagos Islands.

– Follow the lions and tigers on an African safari.

– Climb the Eiffel Tower. I've been all around the world and yet never visited Paris.

There are so many more places I want to visit, but I think I need to dedicate a day to making a Top 50 list!

What are your travel bucket list ideas?

Have you already followed your dreams or do you have a list for the future?

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