Amazon Payments and the Amazon credit card payment we miss using in manufactured spend

Posted on November 3, 2014 by in Manufactured Spend

What is Amazon Payments?

Amazon Payments gives you a fast, simple and secure way to pay online and by mobile, using the information already stored in your Amazon account. You can log in and pay for goods on thousands of sites – from BedBathHome to JC Whitney – without having to input your personal or financial information again and again.

What was Amazon WebPay?

As we let you know recently, Amazon payments ended Amazon WebPay person-to-person transfers in October. WebPay allowed Amazon users to send, receive and request money from other Amazon users. Amazon stated that they didn't think they were addressing customer pain points especially better than other companies, so shut down the service.

What was so good about WebPay?

In July, months before WebPay ended, we wrote about how Amazon Payments helped us to manufacture spend. By making an Amazon credit card payment, you could send or receive up to $1,000 each calendar month without the fees.

Simply put, an Amazon credit card payment was a great way to travel-hack. You could pay a family member or trusted friend and then receive the money back from them by cash or check, thereby helping to meet your minimum spend…

We miss you, Amazon credit card payment… RIP!

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