What Trip Delay Insurance benefits can you expect on award tickets?

Posted on October 29, 2014 by in Travel Deals

After several years of barely any cancelled or massively delayed flights, I was hit by a number of cancellations last year. Little did I know that several of my credit cards provide ample insurance against the expenses involved.

Trip Delay and Cancellation insurance is available for many Chase cards:

Chase Sapphire Preferred

– Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (personal and business)

– Chase Ink Plus Business card

– Marriott Premier Rewards card

What coverage is included with a Chase card?

Here is the PDF that Chase publishes.

For trip delay insurance, you will need to prove a delay of 12 hours or an overnight stay. Not every cause for delay is covered, but inclement weather, equipment failure, a forced mis-connection and several more causes ARE covered.

Just last year, I had the last flight to Los Angeles cancelled with the next trip available only in the morning. American Airlines (like most US airlines) will not provide accommodation for the night. Such a forced overnight stay would be covered.

The insurance covers up to $500 per ticket – this means you can claim as often as you want in a year and you can claim $500 for each family member!) Also the trip must be a round-trip ticket.

Covered (reasonable) expenses include hotel charges, food (but go easy on alcohol) or even necessities such as clothing or an iPhone charger.

Make sure you keep all receipts for every expense.

How to file a claim for trip delay insurance?

Give Chase a call with the number on the back of your card. The agents will guide you to a claim form that you will need to fill out and you'll need to send in copies of your receipts and proof that the ticket was purchased with an eligible card.

How am I eligible for trip delay insurance?

You will need to charge the ticket to your Chase card. It makes no difference if it is an award ticket or not, as long as you charge the taxes to the card.

What trip delay insurance is included with a Citi (Prestige) card?

Citibank includes a Trip Delay Reimbursement to Citi Prestige card holders (and others). It kicks in within just 6 hours while traveling to your destination.

You will be eligible to receive up to $250 per trip, up to four times a year when you charge the entire trip to your Citi Prestige card.

The claim procedure is similar to Chase.

What trip delay insurance is included with an American Express card?

American Express used to offer a separate insurance for $9.95 per trip. However, the product has been discontinued.

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