The future of US Airways/ American loyalty programs

Posted on October 28, 2014 by in American Airlines AAdvantage

US Airways and American Airlines have announced details of their joint operations in the coming months.

Here is what you need to know:

– Both airlines will operate separately for the rest of 2014; both reservation systems will operate independently

– The US Airways Dividend Miles program will be folded into AAdvantage by the second quarter of 2015

– US Dividend Miles will be transferred to AAdvantage miles presumably on a 1:1 basis starting in early 2015

– Elite status will be determined based on your activity in each program, with the US Airways Dividend Program ending in the second quarter

The AAdvantage award chart will not be changed until at least the second quarter 2015 (based on this announcement)

Here's my strategy:

– I have two awards planned that I really want to book with US Airways Dividend Miles, so I will continue building my US Airways Dividend portfolio

– I assume I can book awards until mid-2015 – which means flights until mid 2016 can be used

– Any leftover miles in the program can be transferred (we may even see a transfer both ways for some time)

– I really, really hope the AAdvantage program stays the same for a bit longer – it fits my travel patterns VERY well

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