Lifemiles has a new award chart and it’s not pretty

Posted on October 17, 2014 by in Lifemiles

As announced back in July, LifeMiles changed its award chart yesterday and the changes aren't pretty.

The new award chart

The old award chart can be found here, while the new award chart for LifeMiles is here.

FlyerTalk member pandaperth took the time to compile the changes in the award chart in green and red. Just click on the above image to see them.

Sadly, LifeMiles has followed the devaluation by United and others. Awards to Europe and Asia have become more expensive while Central And South America have become slightly less expensive. Some awards between Asia and Australia have become cheaper (as with United's devaluation earlier this year).

The only really good news – there are still no fuel surcharges.

Lifemiles Mistake Redemptions

I had a very good source that mentioned that all (?) mistake redemptions would disappear when the new award chart goes into effect. The booking engine has been revamped and more routing rules have been introduced. This prompted me to share the 'secret' with the CJJ airport in South Korea that allowed 'mistake redemptions' for just 25,000 miles round trip in economy. Pretty much all those mistake redemptions were made public by the The Australian Frequent Flyer Forum over the last 2 years.

There were a number of other 'mistake redemptions' to airports in the US, Micronesia, Central Asia, Turkey and the Russian Far East. This was usually a combination of the wrong airport/zone matching and/or routing rules that made no sense.

There are some 'mistake redemptions' left in Africa where you can fly to Europe for the price of an intra-African redemption. However, even has some of those 'mistakes' as well, so I'm sometimes not sure it is even a mistake or just speaks of the lack of routing options on the continent.


The LifeMiles 'deals' have always been too good to be true and I'm surprised they stuck around for so long. LifeMiles has devalued itself to the same point most Star Alliance programs have come to now. I think we have to wait for a new recession to see these frequent flyer programs to add 'value' again. For now, seats even in business class are full and selling miles has become a bit of an afterthought = selling seats is actually working again. Nothing wrong with that, but less friendly to the travel hacker.

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