CLC Lodging – A Quick Guide

What is CLC Lodging?

CLC Lodging helps companies manage their travel in 3 ways: rate, administration and operational efficiency. By negotiating hotel rates for workforces in North America, CLC Lodging can help businesses save money on their hotel room spend with discounted rates. By also utilizing CLC Lodging's administration, audit, record-keeping, hotel payment and reporting control skills, businesses can also save money on operating cost reductions. CLC Lodging purchases over 10 million hotel rooms every year and has played a significant part in workforce lodging solutions for 35 years.

What are the main solutions that CLC Lodging provides?

CLC Lodging helps smaller companies with the CheckINN Card program and larger companies with the Custom Solution program. The CheckINN Card program is where smaller companies can save 20% to 40% on workforce travel at over 10,000 hotels in North America when their employees present their CheckINN card at check-in. Your company can apply for the CheckINN card program by completing the membership form online or by calling 1.866.857.9747 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and selecting Option 1. CLC Lodging – A Quick Guide The Custom Solution program offers larger organizations the CheckINN Card in addition to specific custom solutions that are more suited to companies that have significant workforce travel. Your company can apply for the Custom Solution program by calling 1.866.857.9783 or requesting information online.

Did you know?

If your company already uses CLC Lodging, did you know that there is an Android app and an app for iOS so that you can easily find and check out your hotel in advance?