CEO Express – A Quick Guide

Posted on October 22, 2014 by in Travel Deals

What is CEO Express?

CEO Express was founded sixteen years by Patricia Pomerleau – a busy executive who thought other busy executives needed a particular kind of website. Pomerleau is a leading authority on how emerging technologies impact Fortune 500 companies, so she closed her consulting firm and focused on creating a website that made the lives of execs from large companies easier by helping them understand the business value of the internet.

CEO Express takes internet information and edits it down to the most important, useful and critical and then provides a fairly simple set of organized links that lead to material relevant to large company executives. From international business news links and big-city newspaper links to statistics links and travel tools, CEO Express offers information that is easy to access and quick to use so that business executives have a wealth of information at hand.

Maintenance and updates of the CEO Express is of utmost importance, so links are checked by human employees. Old links are deleted to make way for new ones, so that the most recent links are available for execs to explore and outdated information is non-apparent.

CEO Express reports that they have over 1.8 millions visits every month.

What is CEO Express Select?

CEO Express Select is a premium subscription-based version of the site which was created in 2001 in order to help company executives save time and access special features.

How does CEO Express link to travel?

CEO Express has a wealth of information about travel – from airline safety and seat maps to city guides and flight trackers. It's a handy resource for travelers as well as business executives. You can use the CEO Express Travel Center to book a flight, hotel or car rental in advance and the site has direct links to travelers' favorite websites including Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz.

The travel service information can be fairly beneficial, if only to have a decent list of resources to hand, together on one page. AAA, CNN Travel and Fodor's are there in the menu for you to quickly access, as well as health info, legal assistance and passport services. Driving directions and travel warnings are great bonus links.

Check out CEO Express before your next trip!

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