$3 flights on Aegean, grab your qualifying segments for Aegean Gold!

Posted on October 3, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Aegean currently offers really cheap flights (courtesy of much Ryanair competition) for under $40 from Thessaloniki to Athens. These flights are just 200 miles long but give you one of the 4 flight credits you will need in 2015 to requalify as Star Alliance Gold.

We outlined the changes to stay with the easiest Star Alliance Gold program last week.

Now it gets even better – German OTAs charge heavy fees for many credit cards but also provide discounts for one payment system. I used this in August to pay with my AMEX to save $30 on ANY airline ticket (even US domestic tickets)!

A similar deal is now on, using the German meta search engine skycheck.de and the OTA tripsta.de.

If you are able to pay with a Maestro card you will get 21.99 euros off that same Aegean flight, bringing the total to just $3! There are many dates from November going into March. Other cities like Belgrade (BEG) and Istanbul (IST) are also crazy cheap.

Almost all debit cards in Germany and many in the UK are Maestro cards. It's also used by Cirrus in the US. If you have access to this method of payment, it is worth going shopping right now.

##Update if you are using easyvoyage.fr (yes, in French – use Google Translate) and use the link to vol24.fr, the price is just 11 EUR ($14) when paying with an AMEX!

If you are planning to be in Greece, I'd look at the 4 segments (in one day?) from Thessaloniki – you can get them for about $30 using an American Express using kayak.de with other OTAs.

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