Most Singapore Airlines Krisflyer miles posting from the Lifelock Deal

Posted on September 15, 2014 by in Krisflyer

If you took part in the Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Deal from June where you could buy 17,077 miles for $9.95, there is some good news.

Most people who participated and purchased a LifeLock subscription have seen their miles posting. They will not post automatically, though.

You have to send an email with your receipt (I sent a PDF of the initial email with the user name) to KrisFlyer's Mall Support.

Krisflyer Spree Mall Support |

I did 3 LifeLock subscriptions in total (for friends) and they haven't been approved yet.

I'm hoping RewardsAll and Singapore Airlines will make good on their promise. So far they have been very forthcoming and supportive. I hope it will stay this way!

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