Save on restaurant expenses when you travel with the Paypal app

Posted on August 30, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Thanks to the wonder of travel hacking, hotel stays and flights have become really affordable (read cheap) for me.

One thing that I haven't had as much luck with yet is food expenses.

I usually check Foursquare and find inexpensive yet delicious eateries. The app has good recommendations almost everywhere on the planet. certificates are a good way too to save on restaurant expenses but I find the quality of participating restaurants and the many restrictions not worth it.

However, there are a couple of apps that make food much cheaper and my current favorite when in the USA is the PayPal app.

Download it to your phone and find the little icon that looks like scissors – it will show you nearby merchants with a coupon.

Most coupons are $5 but some are much higher!

It's usually eateries and coffee shops. The best thing – there is no minimum purchase value!

Here in San Francisco's Financial District, there are at least 30 coupons, so if you are a flexible eater, you can have an almost-free lunch courtesy of PayPal every day.

The city has probably 100 coupons in total currently – lots of options if you are adaptable.

To use a coupon, you just save it to 'My Coupons' and tell the cashier that you'd like to pay with PayPal. You simply press the button and the coupon will be used automatically.

Most coupons expire on a certain day but you will usually get another coupon once they all expire for the same places!

Expert tip: If you have a PayPal Business Account you get twice the coupons 🙂

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