Jet Airways – JetPrivilege new accrual and redemption structure

Posted on August 5, 2014 by in Travel Deals

JetPrivilege has introduced a new accrual and redemption structure.

The new mileage accrual structure is effective now and the new redemption structure is effective from 1st September, 2014 and applicable for all flights on Jet Airways and JetKonnect.

For distances less than or equal to 500 miles, a JetPrivilege member will be rewarded with a minimum of 500 JPMiles for flights taken on Jet Airways and 375 JPMiles for flights taken on JetKonnect.

For distances more than 500 miles, JetPrivilege member will continue to get 100% of flown miles for flights on Jet Airways and 75% of the flown miles for flights on JetKonnect.

The redemption requirement has been made simpler and easier with the lowest redemption requirement starting from 5000 JPMiles for domestic flights and 6000 JPMiles for international flights on the Jet Airways network.

Manish Dureja, managing director of JetPrivilege explained,

"With the newly-introduced accrual and redemption structure, our JetPrivilege members will be able to accumulate more JPMiles faster, thus reducing the time required to get rewarded with a free air travel in the form of an award ticket. This announcement kick starts the first of the various programme enhancements that we plan to unveil at regular intervals for our JetPrivilege members over the next few months".

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