COPA Club Santo Domingo Review

Posted on August 6, 2014 by in Free Lounge Access and Lounge Reviews

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Santo Domingo Airport isn't the greatest – the most it has going for it is the air conditioning in good working order that separates it from the steamy outside air. It's also rather noisy and crowded, so I was looking forward to trying the COPA Club at the end of the B gates area.

I was pleasantly surprised. The club is rather small but it seems new with modern furniture. The bar had all major drinks on offer and there was cheese and crackers for the hungry.

The WiFi was slow, though, and the direct sunlight made temperatures pretty hot.

My highlight was that I was traveling on 'Fathers Day' in the Dominican Republic as it falls on July 27th. The lounge staff gave me a 'Power Bank' portable charger for my phone. That's a $15-$20 gift – thanks COPA!

The boarding gate for the COPA flight was at the other end of the airport though – a solid 15 minutes walk. There are only 2 lounges at the airport and COPA wouldn't secure a gate right next to its lounge? Odd.

Did you know that you can access 700+ lounges worldwide with

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3 / 5 stars