Rate my recent round of applications – 223,000 Points and Miles in my 3rd round of credit applications this year

Posted on July 17, 2014 by in Best use American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards

I decided to run a 'round-of-applications' last week since I'm looking to book some awards next year.

Here are my results:

1) Citibank 100,000 Miles Executive MasterCard

I had applied and was approved instantly for the card back in April. Reports show that you can have several cards and with $250 for 100,000 miles this is a great deal.

The application links keep on disappearing but this link worked for me.

I got an 'application pending' note and called the Citibank Reconsideration number (800) 695-5171 right away. After 2 minutes on hold I was approved.


US Bank has had history of not approving you if you had any recent inquiries in the last 6-12 months. I got an 'application pending' message after applying through the link. I called the US Bank Reconsideration number (800) 947-1444 the next day and was handed back and forth between the 'Verification Department' and the 'Credit Department'. After about one hour on hold, I was approved.

3) Starwood Preferred Guest Business card

American Express ran a 30,000 Starpoints sign-up bonus last month. I missed that but the current 25,000 bonus is worth it for me too. I already have the Personal card and have now got the Business card too.

I got a pending message but then an email the next day that my application was approved.

4) US Bank FlexPerks Business card

This card comes with no annual fee and allows you to get up to $400 in travel.

I called the US Bank Reconsideration a day later and spent 30 minutes on hold. The long hold time made me hopeful but the agent only had one sentence for me – "You have too many recent inquiries".

It's a bit odd that the FlexPerks Personal card was approved but the agent did not want to hear any argument from me about the Business card. It seems the agents still have the same strict attitude the bank used to have for personal cards.

5) Wells Fargo Propel World

This is a new card that Wells Fargo launched earlier this year. The card gives you $400 in travel (or gift cards) and $100 in airline incidentals. I used to have a checking account with Wells Fargo for the longest time, so I was hopeful my application would be considered.

I again received only a pending notice.

I called the Wells Fargo Reconsideration line on (800) 967-9521. My application was denied for, 'Too many recent inquiries'. I asked for a manual reconsideration but no dice – the agent simply read the decision to me again.

Wells Fargo does not have a direct line to a credit analyst.

6) Chase British Airways card

This card has an annual fee that is not waived so I was a bit hesitant, but I applied with the other cards and received a pending message.

Now with Chase you would usually get a denial but then when you called Reconsideration they would suggest to drop one of your old cards and transfer the credit line.

I called the Chase Reconsideration number (888) 245-0625 and a VERY friendly analyst connected me with a 'Verification Specialist'. The specialist quizzed me for about 30 minutes about my Chase relationship and credit history to verify my identity.

He then submitted the application for approval and, VOILA, I was approved without giving up another card!

7) Capital One Venture Rewards

OK this wasn't such a smart move, but I have ogled this card for a long time. It went through 2 promotions in the spring of recent years. Capital One is known to be sceptical of people with a lot of recent credit applications (like me). I called their 'Reconsideration line' (it doesn't really deserve that name since the agents are as bad and as outsourced as you can imagine).

The agent stated that my decision would be 'in the mail' and that she can't say anything until I read that decision to her. Oh well.

Also runners:

I also considered signing up for these cards but reserved them for my next round of applications:

American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass – this card is great to use to buy gift cards with at grocery stores (6 points per dollar) and to earn Hilton HHonors Diamond status in the process.

Chase Southwest Business card (50,000) – this is a good sign-up bonus but I rarely fly enough domestically to make this worthwhile.

Virgin America Elevate Card – just 10,000 miles for $49 (annual fee not waived) – not sure about this one. Virgin America Elevate points are worth roughly double what normal miles are worth.

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