Get 3% Cashback with American Express gift cards and achieve your credit card minimum spend

Posted on July 16, 2014 by in Best use American Express Membership Rewards, Manufactured Spend

Gift cards are an important part of the 'arsenal of manufactured spending'. As we outlined in our recent article, you can spend your way to 1,000,000 miles for just about $6,500.

Did you know that American Express sells gift cards too and pays you to buy them?

If you buy a $3,000 gift card from American Express you will be rewarded with 3% cashback on top of the credit card rewards! You will have to pay a $3.95 fee per card and shipping fee of $8.95 or $15.95.

Here's how it works:

1) Register with TopCashback (if you haven't already done so).

2) Clear your browser (or use a fresh one without an ad blocker) and find American Express® Gift Cards & Business Gift Cards Cashback.

NOTE: The cashback may convert back to the regular 2% next week.

3) Click through to American Express and select a gift card.

The maximum amount per card is $3,000.

You can buy up to $5,000 in personal cards every 14 days; up to $75,000 (!) for business gift cards.

4) Depending on your shipping option, an additional fee is added. While there are coupons for free shipping they MAY make the purchase ineligible for cashback so use at your own risk. There is an $99 flat-fee option for a year's shipping.

5) The AMEX gift cards behave just like any other AMEX credit card but they are pre-loaded with the cash. These are not debit cards and can't be used at Walmart for buying money orders.

Here are some more experiences:

Is the card a debit, charge or credit card?

No. The card is not a debit, charge or credit card. The card is a prepaid payment device which may either have a dollar value that is either printed on the front of it or a "variable load" amount that is selected at the time of purchase. Except where required by law, the card is not redeemable for cash and is not transferable. The card may not be used for unlawful purposes.

Will it post as a cash advance (CA)?

Citi – Yes (including Citi AA Executive)
All other issuers (Chase, BoA, FIA, Barclay, AMEX, CapitalOne, US Bank, Discover, HSBC, etc.) – No, all have recently posted as purchase
Note: Some issuers (Discover, US Bank, etc.) will decline the authorization if it exceeds your CA limit. This does NOT mean it will post as CA. It simply means you need to lower the purchase amount below your CA limit for authorization, but it ultimately posts as a purchase.

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