Book a hotel with CheapOair to get up to $20 off with code SACOA2

Posted on July 25, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Book a hotel stay online with CheapOair and use the code SACOA2 to get $20 off.

The maximum amount you can redeem will be less than or equal to the service fee.

So for a 3* hotel priced at $71.55 + $15 fees, the discount is $15; for a Radisson Blu priced at $156.73 + $20 fees, the discount is $20.

This promo code has been around since 2013 and still works. Its expiry date is unknown.

Terms and Conditions

CheapOair may issue certain promo codes which are generally valid for online travel reservations and bookings, though some specific CheapOair promo codes may only be used over the phone through our customer service center.
We invite you to sign up for our newsletter to receive promo codes by email.
The maximum discount from all CheapOair promo codes is the value of our service fees and/or "Traveler Assist" fees (up to 70%).
CheapOair promo codes are non-transferable, can not be sold or bartered and hold no cash value.
To receive the value of the discount, a valid promo code must be entered in the promo code link on payment page. If the code is not entered the discount cannot be redeemed and has no value. Due to technical problems, if the code is not accepted or a coupon link is not present, you have the right to not purchase the product or service, but in no circumstances will the credit be applied after purchase is made.
CheapOair promo codes offers may be revised or withdrawn any time without notice, even if other websites are displaying the same offers.
For all technical errors there is no recourse except you have the right to not make the purchase.
If the offer is withdrawn, the promo code becomes invalid and the Site and system will not accept the promo code when entered. This is final and you have the right at that point to continue with original price or not continue with your purchase.
The final price displayed (with or without promo code) will be the amount billed/charged and there will be no credits/discounts applied after purchase for absolutely any reason.
CheapOair promo codes may not be combined with another offer.
We reserve the right to decline any transaction that may have had an error in promo code value even after the booking is created and booking receipt is issued.

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