Radisson Belorusskaya, Moscow Review

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Moscow isn't cheap - we all know that - and hotel rates are no exception. Well-located properties easily hit the $500 mark. I had a huge number of Club Carlson points to burn and with the Club Carlson credit card you only pay for one night but you get two.

Since I had already booked two nights at the Radisson Royal in Moscow, I decided to try out the Belorusskaya Radisson as well.

The hotel is located in a back alley next to a casino - about 10 minutes walk from the train station. I arrived at Sheremetyevo Airport and the airport express took me right into Belorusskaya Station. It took me a while to find my way but I finally got there early in the morning.

It was 7AM and I know well enough that check-in time is 3PM but it never hurts to ask ;) The check-in agent wasn't exactly enthused by this question. "All rooms are taken," was his immediate reply - he did not bother to check the actual rooms. I inquired when rooms might become available and he replied with, "3PM - no earlier". Mentioning my Club Carlson Gold status did not change a thing. No pre-check-in was available. However, as a complete exception, and only for me, I'd be able to use the showers in the gym downstairs. Left for me was to show the level of gratitude and leave my bag in the storage area.

There was only one front desk attendant - no concierge, no bell desk but an impressive line. That seemed too much stress for him (although somewhat understandably).

I returned later and fought the next check-in agent where I detailed my previous experience. The whole situation was rather explosive and stressful with no need if there would be some rules (and some enforcement). With all that bustle it escaped me that I was actually upgraded to a business class room. My earlier question about a 'possible suite upgrade' was treated with no reaction or reply.

Once up in the room, I was positively surprised. The room was modern and very well-appointed, with working AC on this hot day (though it was slow to start) and the shower worked with high pressure.

The bed and linen were certainly high quality, as was the internet which worked well and fast.

I went out of my way to not interact with the staff again due to my two previous interactions.

In conclusion, this is a quality, modern hotel with a good location if you are coming in from Sheremetyevo. The Tverskoy neighborhood is about 15 minutes walk and is one of Moscow's hippest areas - lots of street cafes, a small park and great restaurants. The staff frightened me so I'd try another Radisson or the nearby Marriott and/or Sheraton Palace next time.

Book the Radisson Belorusskaya here.

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See how everyone can now afford to fly Business Class and book 5 Star Hotels with Mighty Travels Premium! Get started for free.