Travel With Your Taste Buds: Africa

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Traditionally, African cuisine uses a variety of fruits, vegetables and cereal grains that are readily available in local markets. Milk and other dairy products add a rich, creamy texture to their unique but truly satisfying dishes. Africa has many culinary works of art that provide pleasure-a-plenty to your taste buds.

1. Ful wa Ta'meya (Egypt)

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This is Egypt's version of fast food and a staple food of the Egyptian diet. The dish has two important components: falafal and fava beans – both of which can be found in local markets. The beans are usually simmered overnight in a Qedra cooking pot, while the falafel are, in fact, made from crushed fava beans rather than chickpeas, which adds to the uniqueness of this yummy food.

2. Tagine (Morocco)

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Moroccan tagine cuisine was named after the pot that it's cooked in, just like India's tandoori. Slow-cooking meat, vegetables and spices together in one pot creates moist delights that melt in the mouth. It's actually a healthy way to cook food and the pot does more work than the chef – so even more reasons to love this style of cooking!

3. Shakshuka (Tunisia)

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Shakshuka's true origins have eluded us, but it's known to be North African and many believe its roots are Tunisian. Made with only poached eggs, tomato sauce, peppers and onions, it's similar to several global dishes including Mexico's huevos rancheros, Italy's uova al pomodoro and Spain's pisto manchego. Shakshouka is best enjoyed piping hot from the oven with some fresh, thick bread! Mmm…

4. Nyama Choma (Kenya)

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In Kenya, any kind of gathering is an excuse to eat nyama choma – roasted meat. From humble huts to fancy restaurants this dish brings people together. especially when it's paired with a local beer. Goat or sheep meat is roasted over an open fire and traditionally eaten using your hands. Nyama choma is so popular in East Africa that it's now celebrated with its own 'barbecue extravaganza festival'!

5. Romazava (Madagascar)

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Contemporary meals in Madagascar are typically rice-based – in fact, it's usually eaten three times a day! Their national dish of romazava is a classic stew of meat and mixed greens, eaten with a rice accompaniment of course. Beef is usually used and cooked until tender, but some households incorporate chicken or pork into their own recipes. Anamalao flowers (which have an analgesic effect on the body) are often added to romazava, making this dish both succulent and pain-relieving!

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