Crazy airfare still available! Go (almost) anywhere in the world for under $500

Posted on May 22, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Sorry this deal has expired!

As of noon 5/23 the deal is still alive. has pulled the fares. Go to the Canadian site instead to book.

The latest update for this deal can be found here!

I just had lunch and was fully prepared to see these crazy fares to have gone away. But…

After almost 24 hours these fares are still bookable on

A Round-the-World ticket for under $1,000.

A ticket from the US to Europe and then to Asia for $130!

I received ticket numbers for all flights! Given the US DOT regulation I highly doubt these tickets can be cancelled easily by the airline. They should survive!

There are as many combinations possible. BUD and TLV seem to work well from LAX (and many other airports for a bit more) and MXP seems to work well from JFK. You can go to almost any city in Asia including usually somewhat more expensive Bali (DPS), Okinawa (OKA), Siem Reap (REP) or Xianmen (XMN).

You can also try BOM or JNB. Haven't seen MLE (Maldives) yet, which would also be less miles.

Why not go all the way to Saipan (just north of Guam)?

If you take the leg to TLV, consider using Avios (10,000) to go to Berlin (or London for a bit more). To get back from Asia use AAdvantage miles or go via MNL on Philippine Airlines (not the best airline out there though).

What routes did you book?

Happy hunting everyone!

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