Review: Sheraton Seoul D Cube Hotel, South Korea

Posted on April 25, 2014 by in Starwood Hotels

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This was my second time at the Sheraton Seoul D Cube City Hotel, following a successful stay in 2012. This time I checked in as Platinum rather than Starwood Gold.

The hotel is located in a development called D-Cube City which encompasses a shopping mall, offices and apartment towers. It also has its own subway station. This can make it difficult to leave the complex since so many options are right there without having to face Seoul's unpredictable weather.

If you arrive by taxi (and if your cabbie knows the right entrance) you can use a dedicated hotel elevator up to the reception or Club Lounge. If you arrive by subway you will have to find your way through a number of elevators which can be fairly confusing.

Many hotels in Seoul have trouble recruiting English-speaking staff. The Sheraton makes a concerted effort to have its staff speak fluent English. You will be greeted with a friendly 'How are you?' and the staff will undoubtedly be able to reply to most requests. In my experience, this is extraordinary for this Korean city. D Cube also has staff on hand who speak Chinese and Japanese as well as English and Korean.

My Club Lounge check-in was friendly and cheerful. I had used Starwood's Suite Night Awards to secure an upgrade. No mention of my check-in amenity was made but I automatically received 500 points. Later, my suite would also be equipped with a bottle of red wine.

The suite itself was a smoking room, which I usually try to avoid. However, I really wouldn't have been able to detect any smell had the attendant not told me.

The suite was one of the finest I have ever been allocated – on par with my extraordinary experience at the Tambo del Inka resort in Peru's Urubamba. This suite was on the 29th floor with sweeping views of Seoul, especially from the bathtub in the huge bathroom – a novel experience! The suite wasn't just two rooms opened up with the extra taken out – it felt more like a full-blown upscale apartment.

The Guest Services department kindly delivered an adapter to my suite so I could connect my iPhone 5 to the Yamaha sound system. This was quite a nice touch especially as other hotels have previously been unable to help me connect my phone to a docking station.

The Club Lounge offers decent food for breakfast and alcoholic drinks and appetizers for Happy Hour. Some food items (like the delicious barbecued salmon) really stood out while most were very average. The lounge staff again proved helpful, friendly and fluent in English.

I really enjoyed my stay at the D Cube. The high-quality new building, great amenities of the surrounding businesses and the Club Lounge all really made it an enjoyable stay. The hotel is just 4 subway stops from Seoul's 'hipster district' Hongdae which has superb coffee and dining options.

Here are some pictures of the regular rooms at the hotel that I also got to see (for fun):

IMG 2397

IMG 2397

I paid 10,000 Starpoints per night for the property. The flexible rate was $240 for the nights in question. I'm already looking forward to my next stay!

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