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Posted on April 17, 2014 by in Travel Deals

We are glad to have Jason as part of our interview series. Jason is officially the first miles & points blogger I found at Google+. Jason blogs at

How, why and when did you get started to blog your thoughts on travel?

Fly&Dine went live back in November and it's been gaining steam ever since. I realized that there was a major void in terms of people writing about food during the traveling process. I saw the need and I filled the void. Now Fly&Dine is the premier source for information about food on the go.

What is your blog all about?

Fly&Dine is dedicated to being the best resource for eating while you travel. We cover food in the air, at the terminal, and on the ground. You can expect reviews of in-flight meals, news about restaurant openings at airports and updates about foodie travel programs.

Are you a full-time blogger? If so, do you live a rich lifestyle? 🙂

I'm a full-time food and travel writer for major magazines and websites. I launched Fly&Dine because I wanted to have more freedom in terms of what I write about without having to go through another editor.

What has been your most popular post so far?

People really loved "How To Eat for Free in Airport Lounges" which detailed how a Chinese man was able to use a refundable first class ticket and some ingenuity to eat for free for 300 days in a row at the first class lounge at Shaanxi's Xi'an Airport (XIY). Any time I post hacks and tricks for gaming the system a bit, readers seem to really respond.

What's currently in your TOP 5 list to go to?

Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Barcelona, Athens and Rio.

What's the most recent food discovery from your travels?

I'm writing this from Hong Kong and just ate at the world's first 3-Michelin Star Chinese restaurant: Lung King Heen at the amazing Four Seasons Hong Kong. The view is stunning and the food is incredibly delicate and sophisticated – nothing like the heavy dishes you get at your local take-out spot. I loved the super crispy suckling pig, the rich "superior pottage" soup with shredded chicken, and flash-fried wagyu beef cubes with peppers.

What airline/hotel are you craving to try?

I've never stayed at any of the Aman properties and I'm dying to try one.

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