The worlds most dangerous cities 2014

Written and Published March 25, 2014

The worlds most dangerous cities 2014

So I have been planning my remaining 2014 travels and I'm trying to find destinations I should NOT check out.

There are a number of helpful links out there and the recommendations are usually based on homicide rates. This can be misleading since as a tourist you may not be exposed to the same crime rate that afflicts a city's gang wars.

In general war zones and a number of South American countries come up a lot namely Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela.

I have been to Rio de Janeiro in December and while I think it's a town where you ahve to take the crime into account it's safe enough for tourists. It really depends on where you go and what you do.

These are cities that are currently in my NO-GO list:

- Mogadishu, Somalia (the consensus on Flyertalk seems it's not safe to to stay there)

- Lagos, Nigeria (not so sure about this one, one of the best towns in Africa one one hand, but just a lawless place?)

- Karachi, Pakistan

- Caracas, Venezuela

- Sana'a, Yemen

- Nuevo Laredo, Mexico (I have been and I though it was scary even during the day)

- Distrito Central, Honduras (I really do not know much about this one, any more insights?)

- Detroit, Michigan (just kidding)

Still dangerous cities but I would recommend TO GO for experienced travelers

- Kabul, Afghanistan

- Medellin, Colombia

- Capetown, South Africa

- Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

- Abidjan, Ivory Coast

- Acapulco, Mexico

- Port au Prince, Haiti

What do you think? Where's your limit?

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