How to get multiple US Bank credit cards (within a short timespan)

Written and Published March 21, 2014

US Bank has been a latecomer to the high sign-up bonus credit cards game - but they are building an impressive line-up.

The Club Carlson Premier Rewards Visa Signature Card has an attractive sign-up bonus and doubles the value of your existing points with the free night option. This makes it the only card that gives you 4 nights in a top range hotel (category 5 or 6 ).

How to get multiple US Bank credit cards (within a short timespan)

They also recently doubled the sign-up bonus to 40,000 miles on the LifeMiles Visa Signature Card.

Now so far it was common wisdom that you could only get any credit card from US Bank if you had no credit inquiries in the last 6 months OR freeze your IDA/ARS prior to the application. I applied for the Club Carlson card before in my regular 3 month round of applications and was denied twice.

Now I just got approved for the Club Carlson credit card in January and received my points lately. Now I did a round of applications this week since I wanted to take advantage of the 40,000 American Express Platinum card sign-up bonus before the policy change for sign-up bonuses (lifetime only).

I added an application for the US Bank Avianca Lifemiles application as well. I was fully prepared to be declined for this card. I got 'Application pending' when submitting the application. However today (without calling reconsideration) I received the approval email!

So it seems like US Bank has changed it's policies and is ready to approve applications even with inquiries in the last 6 months! This is great news. Welcome to the club US Bank!

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