50% less miles for Alitalia award flights

Written and Published March 17, 2014

50% less miles for Alitalia award flights

Alitalia offers 50% discount with its new promotion Easy50.

To participate you need to request your Easy50 Award Tickets in Economy class before 31 March and to travel until 15 April 2014.

Here are some flights available with Easy50:

50% less miles for Alitalia award flights

Rome - Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo can be had for 40,000 miles in Economy. Fuel surcharges are a factor - for South America it is about $300 per return flight.

Don't forget - Alitalia is a American Express Membership Rewards 1:1 transfer partner.

Additionally, Alitalia also runs a buy miles promotion before March 31 with a 50% bonus!

Terms and conditions:

1. The discounted award tickets are available in Classica - Economy Class on domestic flights and medium- and long-haul international flights operated by Alitalia (see table)
2. There is a limited number of seats available in the promotion. At the start of the offer there are 60,000 seats for domestic destinations, 29,000 for medium-haul destinations (award areas AZ1-AZ4) and 3,300 for long-haul destinations (award areas AZ5-AZ7).
3. Flights not indicated in the list in point 1) of these regulations are excluded from the promotion
4. All flights not operated by Alitalia are excluded from this promotion
5. The award tickets in the promotion can be booked and issued only from March 5, 2014 to March 31, 2014
6. The discounted award tickets can be used for Alitalia flights to be taken from March 5, 2014 to April 15, 2014 (last return flight date)
7. The miles discount applied is 50% of the miles normally required for the same itinerary with a Standard return or one-way award ticket in Classica - Economy Class
8. In accordance with the MilleMiglia Program Regulations, award tickets cannot be requested with the discounted award ticket for one part of the itinerary and other types of award tickets for the other part
9. A charge of EUR 55 will be requested for any type of change, specifically changes of itinerary, time, beneficiary or service class and will involve the ticket being refunded and a new ticket being issued at the same time
10. A charge of EUR 55 will be requested for a request to change the discounted award ticket for a Standard award ticket, or if a change to another discounted award ticket is not possible, due to seats not being available, or if a higher value discounted award ticket is requested. At the same time miles will be added equal to the difference between the miles due for the new award ticket and the miles previously subtracted for the discounted award ticket. If the Member cannot use the discounted award ticket within the time frame specified for this promotion, by April 14, 2014 at the latest, the discounted award ticket can be changed by requesting another award ticket to be issued under the MilleMiglia Program, for a charge of EUR 55. This new ticket may be of the same value as already paid or require more miles equal to the difference between the value of the new award ticket and the discounted one. If even part of the discounted ticket is used, no change or refund can be requested
11. The discounted award tickets are sold only through the Alitalia Customer Center in each country and must be issued within 24 hours of booking
12. American Express companion tickets cannot be requested for this promotion
13. All matters not expressly addressed by these Regulations are subject to the conditions of award ticket use contained in the MilleMiglia Program Regulations
14. The discounted award ticket does not give the right to payment of the 20% miles bonus for MilleMiglia customers who have joined the MilleMiglia Young Program