Review: Thai Airways Lounge Osaka

Posted on February 18, 2014 by in Travel Deals

Thai Airways runs the massive A380 to Osaka from it's hub Bangkok airport. It's not entirely clear why the big bird flies the route. It's sold in all cabin classes with a huge Business, Economy and First Class cabin. Thai Airways now also needed their own lounge in Osaka.

Lounges are usually a uninspiring affair in Japan. Osaka airport has a Star Alliance lounge which is dark and not exactly worth going to given that the airport is new, airy and has excellent free WiFi anyways.

I was picked up from my earlier Lufthansa First Class flight by an escort and brought through security directly to the lounge which was a nice touch! I'm not exactly sure if Thai Airways or Lufthansa paid for that extra bit of ground service.

When I entered I asked the lounge attendants to print a boarding pass for my flight.

The lounge is a small tunnel with just a couple of chairs on the left and right of the walkway. It has a view to the backside of Osaka airport (towards the city but it's way too far to see much).

There are basic snack offerings as well as coffee, water, soda and selected alcoholic beverages.

The WiFi was pretty speedy in my tests. Probably on the slow side for the Japanese average (which is usually super fast!).

There is also a zoned off First Class section which is the same thing but has a drinks service.

After about an hour I asked about my boarding pass – which hadn't materialized yet. I was told it would be there soon but 30 minutes before scheduled departure it was still 'in the making'. I decided to walk to the gate anyways and on my way their another ground staff personnel spotted my and handed my over the boarding pass. I couldn't really find out why it took so log. Once boarded the lounge attended came in and verified the luggage tag a second time (since I had one bag checked in)

All in all – not a great lounge – but it gets the job done.

3 / 5 stars