Review: Lufthansa First Class Frankfurt to Osaka B747-400 – LH740

Posted on February 13, 2014 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

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Lufthansa's Osaka route frequently opens up for award seats for Lufthansa Star Alliance partners and it would put me in reach of the Thai Airways A380. So I did not hesitate to book that flight.

This flight would also feature the 747-400 First Class product with a separate bed on the upper deck. I tried this product before from Boston to Frankfurt but the flight was so short felt I could not really take advantage of it.

Once we got dropped off by the First Class Terminal escort at the cabin door I made my way up to the upper deck cabin. It's VERY private with no other passengers allowed to cabin upstairs. Only the First Class passengers and the 2 flight attendants come through the cabin.

The cabin was half full with 4 out of 8 seats filled. I moved into row 3 from my seat in row 2 as this would make it more private.

Macadamia nuts and champagne were served and used the time for pictures during the long taxi through Frankfurt airport. The weather had cleared up from earlier that day and the sun actually burned through the fog.

Shortly after take-off food and drinks service started. The wine menu was identical to my prior Lufthansa First Class flight from Dallas to Frankfurt – so was the amenity kit. For the male flight attendant this was his first First Class flight. So the flight attendants took their extra time. I wasn't hungry so I did not mind but the service was more like 3.5 hours from start to finish.

As expected the food was a bit disappointing. I'm not sure if there is a union that protects the catering served in Frankfurt but it's consistently overly complicated and sub par. I was happy I 'ate up' before in the First Class Lounge.

I moved over to the bed which is as good as most hotel beds (if not better) and started to doze off. It's the best place to sleep on your stomach in any aircraft I have been to.

Note that it's hard to watch TV from your bed – so you better bring your laptop or iPad to watch movies while you hang out in the bed.

I slept for a couple of hours and woke up over Eastern Siberia. Lufthansa's Internet works everywhere expect China so I could only use it for about an hour before we entered Chinese airspace. The Internet again was free and worked rather well though big downloads are not an option with the connection speed.

Breakfast was served 90 minutes before landing in Osaka and I liked breakfast a lot with a number of options that work for me incl. the cheese selection.

We landed on-time in Osaka again through thick fog. It was a mild day forecasted to be in the 60s.

All-in-all another perfect flight from Lufthansa. The equipment is new and well set up for the job. The flight attendants try to deliver a perfect product as well. The pre-flight lounge experience is awesome. The only improvement is the catering which consistently disappoints for Asia bound flights.

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5 / 5 stars