40% off with the Global Hotel Alliance flash sale

Posted on February 28, 2014 by in Uncategorized

Global Hotel Alliance has a new flash sale with savings of up to 40%.

Cambodia: 30% OFF
China: 20-30% Off
Indonesia: 25-30% Off
Myanmar: 20% Off
Phillipines: 20% Off
Republic of Maldives: 30% Off
Singapore: 33% Off
Thailand: 20-40% Off
Vietnam: 20-30% Off
Australia: 20-33% Off
New Zealand: 20% Off
Switzerland: 20% Off
Croatia: 20% Off
Ireland: 20% Off
Portugal: 20-25% OFF
Sweden: 20% Off
United Kingdom: 20% Off
Egypt: 20% OFF
UAE: 20% OFF
US: 20% OFF
Brazil: 20% OFF

We compared rates on expedia.com and gha.com and the gha.com rates look pretty attractive.

Since gha.com is a US based website – it should be eligible for the Expedia Best Rate Guarantee.