Your guide to seeing the Iguazu Falls in Argentina

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IMG 3023

The Iguazu Falls are probably some of the most scenic and impressive waterfalls in the world. Why? Imagine a tropical rain forest where white water cascaded through black stones and green jungle – springing up rainbows. Iguazu has a number of large (massive) waterfalls and a number of small, quiet falls that complete the picture.

The Argentine side has better and more versatile views. The only reason to visit just the Brazilian side is the extra visa cost for Argentina (for US passports holders) if you have no plans to g to Argentina in the next 5 years.


The Sheraton Iguazu is a good deal using Starpoints and it's right inside the park. However keep in mind that it's 30 minutes from town and the local taxi mafia charges $75 to get there.

There are a number of options in Puerto Iguazu in different price ranges. There is a bus service to the park entrance during park opening hours.

Your trip to the falls:

1) Plan a full day – not more – not less

2) If you like warm weather – go in summer – the combination of waterfall spray and the heat make it a fun day in natural water park

3) Sign up for the boat ride that takes you into the spray of the waterfalls. It's about $25 but worth every dollar. The agile boats will take you right into the main spray. You will get completely wet so bring a swim suit and get your clothes into the provided dry bags.

4) There are a number of well marked trails that are all worth going. If you start around 10 AM you can do them all with ample time for pictures until park closing at 6 PM.

5) The sun is intense even through the clouds – you WILL burn without highly effective sun screen. There aren't a lot of mosquitos but but some mosquito screen for $3 and be on the safe side.

6) The food is bad and expensive- I guess you expected that much. Don't plan on eating much in the park. Water costs about $3 – so bring some of your own, you'll need it.

Iguazu Falls is a well organized, not very crowded and very impressive site in the Argentine jungle. It's like a fun natural water park that does have it all – sun, water, adrenaline rides, bad fast food and impressive views.


Since it's right in between Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro plan for it on your next South America vacation. There is an airport on the Argentine side as well as on the Brazil side. It's advisable to book a domestic flight from each side and cross the border locally which is usually a quick, no-hassle affair. Now that TAM is merging with LAN it's worth checking if you can find Avios availability. If not transfer Starpoints to LANPass but note that LAN Kilometer redemptions require you to book Roundtrips and such trips have to start and end in the same zone so you can't just book it in one itinerary.