Travel predictions for 2014?

Posted on December 17, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Bloomberg has a couple of interesting predictions:

You'll pay less for many flights within the U.S. (It's about time!)

Given that US Airways and American Airlines just merged I'd expect less competition on many routes. While JetBlue and Southwest keep expanding I can't see major capacity growth. Given that demand will probably stay strong I think this one is wrong.

You'll pay the same for flights to Europe-and they won't be cheap.

Summer flights to Europe have been in high demand in the recent years and so have the air fares been rising. Given that there are some new entrants like Aer Lingus and Norwegian we may actually see a small decrease in average airfares.

Hotels will rent you office space (complete with spas and bars).

That would be a great trend. However most hotel rooms double as hotels for the working nomad very well as well as they are not the regular Tokyo hotels that are just a bit too small usually.

You'll look forward to layovers. Seriously.

The article makes specific mention of layovers on award tickets. Well yes we all would like more layovers we can actually use. The 23 hour layovers are a good idea but it's hectic and not easy to book. Most award programs have made it harder to book stop overs. The only rescue can come from the AAdvantage oneworld Explorer award with unlimited stopovers – let's hope it sicks around!