Review: Sheraton Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Posted on December 25, 2013 by in Starwood Hotels

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Iguazu isn't very well known – but it has some of the most scenic waterfalls in the world. The huge Rio Iguazu cascades through 300 feet cliffs in a tropical rain forest.

The Iguazu falls are shared between Brazil and Argentina with both sides having a section accessible for viewers. The Sheraton Iguazu is located inside the National Park on the Argentian side. It's the only hotel around. The plus side is the easy access to the falls (in fact you can see and hear them from your patio). The downside is that a ride to Puerto Iguazu will cost about $75 with the local taxi mafia.

My flight from Buenos Aires was a couple of hours delayed. Check-in was friendly but apparently the agent was still in training and was confused with all the options the hotel system gave him for Platinum check-ins. While people understood English they were not fluent at it so communication was cumbersome with my non-fluent Spanish. After 15 minutes of back and forth we had it all figured out and thanks to my Platinum Suite Night Awards I had been upgraded to a Terrace Suite. The hotel includes breakfast for all guests, so you can get a separate Platinum amenity – I chose the wine and cheese basket.

The building itself does not look very fancy – more like a nondescript standard solid concrete hotel from the late 70s. However it's shaped in terraces – giving great views for most rooms onto the falls. The suite consisted of two rooms with a large bathroom. The patio was huge – almost as big as the room itself with benches and chairs. While not fully private there were no disturbances.

There also was a second bathroom in the living room and a large walk in closet. I did not find the sofa too comfortable but the bed was great in softness and the linens were of perfect quality.

The AC worked perfectly – quiet and effective.

The WiFi was really shaky. It ranged all the way from fast to non-existent. It mostly averaged around 1 Mbit but with lot's of reconnects. It was probably the worst WiFi in a Sheraton ever.

The hotel also features a gym and spa. The gym is equipped with weights and some cardio machines. I'd say it's what you expect but does not exceed any expectations. The spa looked amazing with several very well designed quiet rooms that I toured. However I did not make use of the spa services.

The pool was nice as well for lounging. Be prepared for the moment you dip in – the water is really warm – more like hot tub warm. Not what you are looking for after a hot day in the jungle.

The breakfast had a number of cold and hot items. I found most items below average in quality but there was enough choice to find something for everyone.

Room rates usually start at $400. I redeemed 12,000 Starpoints per night. It's a good deal with 3-4 cents per Starpoint.

The hotel is a good option for seeing the Iguazu Falls in style and in a relaxed manner. However there isn't much else to do and it feels the hotel does take advantage of the captive nature of fall tourists. I'm not sure I'd be back.

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