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Today's interview features Lindsay Carreiro from Lindsay uses her blog to mix her fashion and style experiences with travel.

How, why and when did you get started to blog your thoughts on travel?

I started Fashionista's Travel back in 2010, after a trip to Alaska. My very first post consisted of telling a story about how "unprepared" I was for this trip. After writing this story I realized two things; the first being that I was still a pretty good writer and the second that I loved talking about fashion and travel so much, why not start a blog!

What is your blog all about?

Fashionista's Travel takes is the best of both worlds. Sometimes I write about fashion and style, other times I write about travel. It's confusing to some when they first hear about it but after taking the time to view the site, its pretty darn clear!

Are you a full-time blogger? If so, do you live a rich lifestyle? 🙂

Sadly, I am not a full-time blogger. I am an Assistant Teacher in Providence, RI but my major long-term plans include substance abuse counseling. I make a decent wage and with the help of my boyfriend we live a pretty comfortable life. I do wish I were able to turn this blog into something full-time, maybe down the road.

What has been your most popular post so far?

My most popular post is most likely "50 Shades of Awkward: My Tbex Experience". Tbex otherwise known as the Travel Blog Exchange has been my go to conference for a few years now. In June of 2012 I traveled out to Denver and lets just say things were incredibly awkward for me on several levels. You can read all about that on the site!

What's your favorite country/place you have traveled to and why?

I would have to say Costa Rica. Almost two summers ago I visited Costa Rica with a volunteer organization to teach ESL to a group of middle school students for two weeks. Costa Rica has so many things to offer a person traveling its insane! I had the best two weeks of my life, teaching, making new friends, and learning to salsa, which if you've seen me dance you'd know what a huge accomplishment this is!

Where would you want to live if you'd have to settle on one place?

That's a toss up between Montreal and Vancouver. I have loved visiting both of them so much I would have to flip a coin to get any results! As you can see, I'm a big fan of Canada!

What was the most embarrassing travel situation you ever faced?

Oh gee this is a funny story! On my way home from Costa Rica, I had to change planes in Miami. This was my very first time having to go through immigration and customs so I wasn't really sure how long everything would take. After seeing how long these lines really were, I started asking if I could cut people in line. I finally made it through and now had to run across the airport to make my connecting flight. As I was running\doing one of those walk/runs I noticed that people were staring at me. I was thinking to myself, have you never seen a person who is about to miss their flight? Well once I finally made it to the gate and sat down with a sandwich, I looked down and noticed that about 3 buttons to my dress had popped open and I had been giving everyone quite the show. To make matters worse I had lost my ticket in the process and now had to re-button my dress as I made my way to the ticket counter!

What was the most complicated flight itinerary you have ever booked?

On that trip to Alaska I had mentioned earlier, we had some difficulties with flights! I visited 5 airports in one day, let me break it down for you:

Boston to San Francisco
San Francisco to Seattle
Seattle to Ketchikan Alaska
Ketchikan Alaska to Sitka Alaska

I'm tired just thinking about it again and not to mention the time difference!

What is your favorite hotel you stayed at?

This would have to be the Four Seasons in Whistler, BC. I have never in my life stayed at a nicer resort. A two-bedroom apartment is basically what we had with a balcony over looking the mountains. My room even had a doorbell! With a fantastic restaurant and exceptional hotel staff, hands down this was the best. I still talk about it to this day!

What are your favorite travel websites and why?

I'm a big fan of Airbnb! When it comes to traveling I always check out that site first for accommodations. They can be much cheaper than a hotel and it's a great way to meet people in a new city who can show you the ropes.

Another one I like using is Hotel Tonight. It comes in handy a lot more than you would think. I just recently used it on a spur of the moment trip to Portland, Maine.