Interview with Ayngelina Brogan –

Posted on December 4, 2013 by in Travel Deals

In the third installment of our interview series we have the honor of interviewing Ayngelina Brogan who runs bacon is magic.

How, why and when did you get started to blog your thoughts on travel?

I started my site nearly four years ago. It was meant to document a career break from a decade in the advertising agency industry. I thought it would be good to share with family and friends as well as use as a portfolio when I wanted to return to work.

What is your blog all about?

It has evolved over the years but I primarily write about the culture of different places through food. For me food is the foundation of any culture and the easiest way for a traveler to learn how people live. Also I love eating so that helps.

Are you a full-time blogger? If so, do you live a rich lifestyle? 🙂

I am a full-time blogger. I don't know any travel blogger who would say they lived a rich lifestyle. We are entrepreneurs in a new industry that is only now showing itself to be profitable.

What has been your most popular post so far?

Well I know my favourite posts thanks to the wonders of Google Analytics. It is The Year I Walked Away from Love which I wrote a year after I started traveling. I had shared with my readers that I left a long-term relationship to travel and many people thought I was unusually strong or courageous to do so. In this post I write about how difficult it really was.

What's your favorite country/place you have traveled to and why?]

That is like asking a chef his favourite dish to cook. Really depends on my mood. I could never compare nights out salsa dancing in Colombia to staying in the desert in Northern Chile. Each place is special in its own way.

Where would you want to live if you'd need to settle?

Right now I keep a base in Toronto. Although I did not grow up here I lived in Toronto for 10 years and prior to my career break. It is an amazing food city and so culturally diverse. I cannot imagine living anywhere else.

If I would be looking for beaches, mountains, city life, nightlife – where would you send me?

Beaches: The Philippines. Mountains: Ecuador. City life: New York City. Nightlife: Buenos Aires.

How many countries have you been to?

I have no idea. I don't count it and I think it's an odd practice. Visiting more countries doesn't make you an experienced traveler or somehow better than someone with less. I would far rather stay in one country for three months than three countries in three months.

What place/country is the most overrated?

London. It's nice but so expensive. I only ever go there because it's a hub city.

What' the top spot you have not yet been?

I'd like to go to Sicily. Hopefully in 2014.

What is the (most) famous person you have met while traveling?

A few months ago I was on a flight to NYC and sat next to a man eating soup out of a take out container. I told him it was the most odd thing I had seen anyone ever bring on a plane and it launched into a conversation for the duration of the flight. He was the drummer for Bob Marley's The Wailers and we talked about what we had learned about travel.

What's your recent food discovery from your travels?

I just returned from Costa Brava, Spain and spent quite a bit of time learning about foie gras, visiting a producer and learning about how the animals are treated.

What was the longest time you had no sleep and no hotel bed in a row?
I spent 72 hours on buses from Colombia through to Ecuador. I'm only 5 feet tall so I don't need a lot of leg room but even this was ridiculous.

What is your favorite hotel you stayed at?

There are so many amazing hotels. I just stayed at the Hotel Trias in Palamos Spain and loved the modern nautical design.

What gadgets help you out on your travels?

Well other than the obvious phone, laptop, computer. I really love the Steripen for traveling places where you cannot drink the water. I worry about consumption of plastic and this helps reduce my own as I can just put tap water in a refillable bottle and sterilize it.