Hilton Honors Shopping Mall (Shop-to-Earn Mall) – my experience with Loylogic

Posted on November 26, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Back in January 2013 I bought a number of domains through the Hilton Honors Shop-to-Earn mall. At the time every purchase you made through the mall at Yahoo Small Business Hosting was advertised with 6,749 points.

I had done a number of purchases before and most posted automatically. The missing transactions I requested manually were posted rather quickly usually.

I was rather sure these transactions would post sooner or later since there were no exclusions posted on the website. However months went by without any transactions posted at all. I requested them manually but no reply for weeks. I frankly forgot about it for the summer months.

I received a reply in September that my transactions would not qualify since the merchant (Yahoo Small Business Hosting) had not approved the payout to the Hilton Honors Mall.

However back in October I contacted the support team again and threatened legal action. The mall is run by Loylogic Inc, a company headquartered in Switzerland even though it is incorporated in the US. My request was forwarded to the company's COO and he was immediately available for a call.

During the call I explained him the situation.

He explained me that the merchant (Yahoo Small Business Hosting) had not approved the transactions. The Hilton Honors Mall also did not have a direct contract with Yahoo Small Business Hosting but instead through Commission Junction which stood in-between. What had happened is that an employee had posted the deal taken from Commission Junction and posted it in the Loylogic website without posting the exclusions.

Loylogic has Terms & Conditions posted on the website that contain a small print that say that transactions that are not approved by the underlying merchant are not eligible for points. Now this usually covers things such as returns, failed credit card transactions etc.

Now he also understood my point of view that there was no information accessible even for the 'educated consumer' about any exclusions. They were completely in-transparent as the Hilton Honors Earnings Mall displayed something different than what the merchant actually offered. This may have been an error but a business has to be held to what it advertises even if that was an error.

Now just one week later all points have posted and I had another friendly chat with the COO.

I'm not happy with the back-and-forth that was needed to get the points posted. After all it can't be much clearer – purchase something and get the points. However once escalated it became clear that Loylogic is run by capable management that is willing to learn and stands with the consumer in these cases.

I have the impression the company clearly understands the consumers and is willing to improve it's website and learn from its mistakes.

I'd be happy to use the mall again anytime!