Expedia customer service email templates surfaced

Posted on November 22, 2013 by in Expedia Coupons

For a limited time the internal web of Expedia was accessible for Google and some documents became available to the general public.

Hotel Issues Customer Service Templates

Best Price Guarantee Customer Service Templates

It's quite interesting to read through them and how detailed the template is.

There are such gems as this…

Bad Hotel Experience with Coupon and Write a Review

Please accept our apologies for the misunderstanding with your reservation. We regret any inconvenience that may have occurred during your stay.

As you may know, Expedia.com acts as an independent reservations agent for airlines, car rental companies, and hotels. However, if one of our customers has an unsatisfactory experience, we wan t to take appropriate action to ensure that other customers do not have a similar experience.

We have taken note of your comments and forwarded them to the manager of the hotel. We would also like to extend to you a goodwill coupon in the amount of $25 toward a future stay at any of our preferred properties. (For more information regarding coupons, please see the page titled "Using your Expedia.com coupons": )
Please note that this offer will apply to one room only and that it expires one year from the date of this mail.
If you would like to write a review of this hotel, there is a link in your itinerary online that gives you the option to write one. You will be providing a valuable service by sharing the details of your stay with your fellow travelers.

Please click on the "More Lodging Info" link found beside the hotel class link (highlighted in blue). The link youare looking for may specifically be found on the "Traveler Opinions" tab on that page.

Here are the some guidelines for writing a review for the hotel:
– Please do not comment on or question other reviews, or the content of this website.
This content is subject
to change without notice.
– Do not direct comments/questions to hotel staff.
– Refrain from using profanity and other objectionable content (as determined by Expedia in its sole discretion).