Current Holiday Online Shopping Malls bonus offers (, Neiman Marcus,

Cartera is currently running a number of bonus points deals for some of its malls.

It comes and goes on a daily basis – so make up your mind quickly. Nordstrom just had a 12 miles/dollar offer earlier this week in the AAdvantage Shopping Mall (with a bonus offer).

Business Credit Cards

MileagePlus Shopping Mall

– currently provides 24 miles/dollar
– currently provides 15 miles/dollar

Dividend Miles Storefront

Best Credit Cards

– Neiman Marcus currently provides 12 miles/dollar

AAdvantage eShopping

Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom had bonus offers just in the last 10 days. But there are no other promotions right now.

Bookmark those links and keep on checking every day – your favorite merchant may show up soon.