The adventurous side of award travel

Posted on October 18, 2013 by in Uncategorized

I spent a couple of hours at FTU Tampa in late September. I did not plan for the visit until a week before since it fit well into my travel plans to Asia.

The turnout was disappointing with a much smaller crowd than in Los Angeles and Washington D.C. – that may not be surprising given the rather remote location of Tampa ๐Ÿ™‚

In my opinion highlight for me was Stefan's presentation about the more adventurous destinations you can go to using your miles.

Saudi Arabia

Since the Transit Visa has been discovered people have been able to get 24-72 hour visas for the Middle East Kingdom.

It's best to outsource the application to a visa agency but the good news is that there is a way to see the kingdom now. I certainly plan on going there next year.

North Korea

There are a number of tour operators which can take you on guided tours from Beijing. There is no visa issue surprisingly and since it's completely organized you can 'relax yourself' into the communist country.

While I was very interested hearing about North Korea I'm somehow put off but the cost and organized character of the trip. I love South Korea (just the language barrier is so annoying) so I'm not sure if I'll go for this one.


Haiti was struck by an earthquake and rebuilding efforts are underway ever since. Stefan reports a pleasant and adventurous trip down to the Island republic.

Iran and Northern Iraq also is on my list together with Western And Southern Africa. Maybe you'll find me in that picture below soon ๐Ÿ™‚