The power of BRGs – case in point Marriott and Starwood in Shanghai

Posted on September 13, 2013 by in Marriott Rewards Points, Starwood Hotels

Since I found myself awarded with one free night PER STAY with Marriott yesterday I have filed BRGs for my stay dates in Shanghai. Since I want to get the maximum amount of stays from it I decided to get 2 Marriott nights and one Starwood nights into the 72 hours allowed without a Visa in Shanghai.

I filed a Look no Further rate claim with Marriott for the Shanghai City Center Marriott – a hotel that gets exceptionally good reviews.

Marriott emailed back within 12 hours to adjust the rate:

Marriott rate reserved: 1280 CNY (US$209.19)

We have reviewed your claim and have made the following modification to your reservation:

Rate: 558.87 CNY ($91.19)

That's a savings of 60%!.

A couple of hours later Starwood responded to my claim about the Le Royal Meridien in Shanghai – another modern and beautiful hotel.

Starwood Brand Web Site Room Rate : 1035 CNY (US$169.15)

Actual confirmed rate: 735.77 CNY (US$120.25)

That's a 30% savings right there.

BRG rates are just like normal paid stays. All benefits apply and all promotions kick in.

The Marriott rate will give me a great night in a beautiful hotel and a free night in a category 4 or 5 property. Most of the properties I'm interested in for redemption sell for about $250-$300/night so going to Shanghai is actually an investment and no fun 🙂