Dealing with great hotel rates (mistake rates?) – the case of Intercontinental Tokyo Bay

Posted on September 3, 2013 by in Mistake Fares

Last week posted a mistake rate for the Intercontinental Tokyo on its website. It was discovered by Flyertalker 'hailstorm'. The rate was $97.60 for the Intercontinental Tokyo Bay. This hotel usually sells for around $200-$300 during the week. So while it was about half the price that normally shows it wasn't a rate that is clearly unintentional. has sales for this hotel in about the same rate.

I booked the rate right away and other Flyertalkers were trying the same. Although the rate was displayed on the website I was charged a completely different (higher) rate to my credit card. I was shocked about the flaw and contacted customer service right away.

Yesterday they came through and posted the refund to my credit card. My room type was changed but the booking was left intact and the correct price as shown on the website was reinstated.

This is the way this should work – I really appreciate the customer service shown by a hotel OTA I hadn't used before.

P.S. Unfortunately the rate is not available anymore. I wasn't ready to send readers to the site until I could verify that the booking was actually coming through as stated on