How to apply for a Citi AA credit card (and get approved!)

Posted on August 30, 2013 by in Travel Deals

While earlier this Summer the Citi American AAdvantage credit cards could be repeatedly applied for without being denied, the rules of application and acceptance recently have changed. The most current link provides 50,000 AA miles after spending $3,000 within three months. With AA miles having a pretty high value until the presumed merger, it's quite beneficial to be earning that bonus multiple times. Here are the most current rules when applying for a Citi AA Card:

-One Citi Application for any of their cards per 7 day period
-No more than two applications in a 60 day period
-No more than 1 business application in a 90 day period
-After receiving a personal AA card, wait 20 months (reports vary on the exact amount of time) before the next personal application

Given these rules, it appears the best strategy for maximizing your haul of AA miles if you don't currently hold an AA card is, for now, applying for a personal card, then 8 days later apply for the small business version. You don't necessarily need a small business to receive a small business card. If you've ever sold products on eBay, that could count as your small business! Simply apply with your SSN instead of an EIN. The reports are that Citi is fairly lenient with approving people for their cards, so it's probably best to get in on these offers before they are lowered. And if history is any guide, the rules change often, so make sure to stay on top of the travel sphere if applying later on down the road!