Park Hyatt Paris Hotel Review

Posted on July 28, 2013 by in World of Hyatt

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The Park Hyatt Paris has become quite famous for miles and points enthusiasts. It is 'on paper' one of the best deals Hyatt Gold Passport offers. It's located in the Vendôme neighborhood which is easily Paris' glitziest.

Location (Sightseeing, Airport, Business)

There is no shortage of Gucci and Louis Vuitton shops around here. Alas a cappuccino in a bakery also comes at $10 here. The Park Hyatt epitomizes all the traits of the neighborhood. It's snobby. glitzy, luxurious and crowded.

Regular rooms were on sale for EUR 800 (!) whereas Hyatt allows you access for 'just' 22,000 points. That's easily 4 (dollar) cents per Gold Passport point – so it must be a great value? I'm not so sure – but read on.

You can reach downtown Paris easily via RER trains (though they can be hot and dirty) and subway or via cabs. A cab ride takes 40 minutes and costs EUR 50 in regular traffic conditions.

The hotel is walking distance to the Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre.

Check-In (Friendliness, Efficiency)

Check-In was efficient though snobbish and weird. Clearly the hotel despises the people making award bookings. They do serve them but for me it seemed reluctant.

I stayed in many places were I received fantastic service despite being on a point stay. This was the first time it felt really weird.

No upgrades were available.

Common Areas (Lobby, Restaurants, Pool, Gym)

The common areas look fantastic. It's smaller than what I expected but the courtyard just looks gorgeous. Unlike other expensive hotel the lobby area and the coffee shop were quite crowded with people eating and drinking.

I did not eat or use the spa so I can't really judge that.

I was not offered free or subsidized breakfast. Other guests reported free breakfast being thrown in for Platinum members on their first stay. This has either been stopped or is no longer a consistent policy.

Rooms (Cleanliness, Space provided)

The room was tiny. It was a regular Park King but looked quite tired though luxurious. It's a bit similar to the old rooms at the Park Hyatt Hamburg. It's very dark inside/ out.

The bathroom was huge compared to the room but also looked somewhat outdated.

Everything was well stocked and clean though.

Sleeping (Mattress, Comfort level, Noise)

The room was cooled down well by the AC on this hot summer day. The mattress was a bit on the soft side but nothing worrisome.

Food (Breakfast, Executive Lounge, other food & drinks)

I did not splurge the EUR 50 for breakfast and rather took takeaway from a nearby Boulangerie. That was superb as well and did cost less than EUR 10 🙂


This stay reconfirmed my issues with 'classic' hotels. I just don't like small, cramped rooms and a staff with attitude. I much rather have a more modern place with no history but clean, newish rooms.

Incidentally the next night I stayed at a EUR 70 Expedia deal. It wasn't in that neighborhood but just 20 minutes by subway away. That neighborhood felt very 'real Parisian'. It had a simple rooms but super fast Wifi and a strong AC. The sole person at the check-in guided me through the neighborhood and I had a fantastic dinner and breakfast experience there.

I'm not sure I would return to the Park Hyatt Paris.

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