Officemax is extending $200 gift card deal for one more week

Posted on June 16, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Last week, I posted about Get a $200 Visa gift card at Office Max for $196.95. Basically, you buy money for cheaper than its face value. What a world we are living in!!!

Discount from Jun 16th to Jun 22nd
Link to OfficeMax weekly deals – look down on page 1

Office Max (in store only) gives you $10 off when you buy any of their Master Card and Visa gift card. To maximize this deal, you should buy a $200 Visa or Master gift card which has a fees of $6.95. with the $10 off promotion, you can make at least $3.05 + 197 points. In addition, if you have a Chase Ink Bold or Plus which earns 5x at OfficeMax, the return will be $3.05 + 985 Ultimate Reward points

Mighty's Takes:
– OfficeMax's employees have to use their secret coupon in a binder to apply the $10 discount for Visa/Master gift cards
– OfficeMax also tries to enforce one gift card per purchase which makes it a hassle to drive back and forth for me
– Some OfficeMax stores are out of $200 gift cards which make the deals kinda lame since you can't buy them anymore
– I add a bunch of my family members into my Ink account therefore I am able to employ them to buy gift cards with me