Avianca Lifemiles miles (250 bonus miles per order) finally posted – yes the eStore can be trusted!

Posted on June 30, 2013 by in Lifemiles

Ever since October 2012 when the Lifemiles eStore ran the 250 bonus miles per order promotion it was interesting if the store would make good on it's promotion. I wrote a post in January this year highlighting the issue. Shortly after that Avianca was beginning to post the miles for many participants.

However it never posted for me – until yesterday! After a dozen emails and many rather empty replies the Lifemiles support made good on the promise and posted all miles due. That took about 9 months – way longer than the regular 60-90 days but I congratulate the team there for making good on their promise.

My resounding answer now on the question if you should shop with confidence is – yes but bring a lot of patience!