Lufthansa First Class Terminal Review Frankfurt, Germany

Posted on May 7, 2013 by in Lufthansa Miles and More

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The Lufthansa First Class Terminal enjoys fame in frequent flyer circles for its luxury appeal. It is essentially a lounge but its separated from the Frankfurt Terminal building. It was designed to receive passengers arriving by car. There is a valet service to park your car when you arrive.

To get there from Frankfurt airport you need to go through immigration and exit the airport and then turn left at the taxi stand and walk for about 10 minutes. There are no signs and the building itself is rather nondescript, so ask around. Also make sure that you have a warm coat for the bitterly cold winter days in Frankfurt.

Seating (Quality, Space)

The lounge features a restaurant and casual seating area. It's not really that big but I did not see more than 20-30 people in the terminal at the same time. Given the stringent access restrictions (only same-day F flights on Lufthansa/ Swiss and HON members) crowds won't be a problem anytime soon.

Food & Drinks (Selection, Taste, Quality)

World class – probably the best food you will be served by any airline! Remember Lufthansa owns LSG which provides the majority of catering at many major international airports.

The quality and selection of items for breakfast and lunch was breathtaking. There is a long buffet with delectables from many parts of the world. Plus there is a hot menu. Think of the tastiest items at a new WholeFoods upscale supermarket but in a restaurant atmosphere.

The bar is outstanding and serves for instance Veuve Clicquot champagne without hesitation.

There are few restaurants and hotels that can compete with the breadth and quality of the cuisine provided at the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.

Internet Connectivity

The Internet is free and really fast with the Speedtest coming in at 20+Mbit to local servers.


There are a number of showers and a room with a bathtub. While spacious I found them a little outdated and in need of a refreshment.

Other amenities

Two day rooms can be booked. They allow you to catch up on sleep in complete darkness and relative quiet. A great idea but they could be a bit more comfortable like a hotel room. The Swiss First Class Lounge in Zurich has small hotel rooms for guests that are much nicer appointed.

The lounge also has its own security check and passport control providing you with a wait free environment. The security personnel is waiting for you not the other way around.

Once the time for boarding has arrived the concierge will pick you up and escort you to the car service. The fleet is made of German built luxury cars like Porsche and Mercedes. Recently Frankfurt airport opened up a new terminal (Z gates). It's directly in front of the First Class terminal – so the ride is virtually just a couple of hundred feet for many long haul flights 🙁


The First Class Terminal is an experience on its own and shows ho much you can do with air travel to make it truly relaxing. While the terminal may need a bit of a refreshment of the showers and day rooms the facilities are top notch and the food is every foodies dream. Don't miss out on the experience!

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