Earn 20,000 LAN Kilometers and up to $1,000 of LAN flights purchases with LANPASS Visa

Posted on May 28, 2013 by in Travel Deals

Since I have had almost all credit cards from Chase, American Express and Barclays in the last 18 months I also keep my eyes open for new card offers. LAN/ US Bank have a long standing offer with 20,000 LAN kilometers which also gives a generous discount for LAN purchases, which caught my eye today.

New Cardmembers also receive: LANPASS Special Offer!

Up to 20,000 Bonus Miles1
Up to 20% off ($1,000 maximum) off your first LAN Airlines purchase one time per year
Up to 4,000 Annual Renewal Bonus
$0 Introductory Annual Fee† the First Year, thereafter $25-$75†

The Terms and Conditions for the 20% discount are as follows:

Cardmembers will receive a discount each year on their first LAN Airlines or its Affiliate carriers' purchase transaction made with a LANPASS Visa Credit Card: 10% discount for LANPASS Visa Cards and 20% discount for LANPASS Visa Signature Cards. Discount applies to qualified LAN Airlines and affiliated carriers purchases directly from LAN Airlines, its affiliated carriers, or LAN.com. Affiliate carriers include LAN Peru S.A., Aerolane, Lineas Aereas Nacionales del Ecuador S.A. d/b/a LAN Ecuador, LAN Argentina S.A., and any other related carrier that joins the LANPASS program. Only applicable to ticket purchases on lan.com, through LAN's Call Center and Sales Offices, as well as travel sites, partners and wholesale travel brokers holding a promotional agreement with US Bank. For travel sites, partners and wholesale travel brokers holding a promotional agreement, please contact your travel agent. The discount will appear automatically as "LAN Discount" on the cardmember's LANPASS Visa Card statement no later than the second billing cycle following the date of the transaction. This discount will be applied annually and will be renewed each calendar year. The maximum discount per year is equal to $500 for the LANPASS Visa Cards and LANPASS Visa Secured Cards and $1,000 for the LANPASS Visa Signature Card. The LANPASS Visa Card Account must be open and in good standing at time the discount is applied.

If you are buying tickets on LAN anyways – a $1,000 discount is a generous offer! A family trip to South America just got 20% cheaper if you are able to book it at lan.com.

Now US Bank is notorious for declining applicants with too many recent inquiries (like me). But there are reports about good approval rates if you have existing checking/ mortgage business with them.