3,500 Delta Skymiles (or 2,000 United/ US Airways miles) almost for free with Sharebuilder

ThePointsTraveler links to a recent Flyertalk post about the Sharebuilder offers for new accounts.

I have signed up for Sharebuilder before and the miles always posted on time. The post on Flyertalk also points out that you can most likely expect 3,500 Delta Skymiles if you just appear as a Delta Elite.

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ThePointsTraveler also highlights two coupon codes for free trades (at least one trade is required to get the miles) further reducing the cost.

My suggestion is to try it out – it takes less than 15 minutes and is a nice addition to your mileage bank.

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3,500 Delta Skymiles link – Sharebuilder Sign-Up Link

2,000 US Airways Dividend Miles – Sharebuilder Sign Up Link

2,000 United Mileage Plus – Sharebuilder Sign-Up Link