Paying change fees – what’s your take?

Posted on April 23, 2013 by in United Mileage Plus

I have changed my upcoming trip to Asia booked with United Mileage Plus miles twice now. I initially booked a route from the US via Frankfurt and Milan to fly Thai Airways in F. I then found a seat on the direct flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok and finally found a seat on the A380 on Lufthansa going to Japan first.

So I paid 2x $75 which isn't that much but somehow I always have to push myself over the edge to make that change and hand out my credit card data.

I also just changed my ticket for Frequent Traveler University in Washington, D.C. which I booked with 12,500 Miles and More miles and paid $60 for.

I mean it's fantastic value using award tickets if you need to be flexible compared to the enormous change fees for regular tickets. But still the fees add up.

What's your take on the change fees? What's the ticket you have changed the most (and paid for it)?